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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  September 10, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tomorrow marks the ninth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. and it appears now that there will be no burning of korans in florida. go ahead evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm doreen gentzler. the florida pastor at the center of the koran controversy just arrived in new york city on a surprise trip there. the reverend terry jones gained international attention after
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threatening to burn copies of the islamic holy book on the anniversary of the attacks. he's in new york to try to meet with the man in charge of a proposed mosque near ground zero. jones called off the koran burning after saying the imam had agreed to talk to him about moving the mosque. however, the imam denies ever speaking to jones. the pastor's son said definitively tonight that his father's church will not be burning korans tomorrow. nine years after that infamous day, many will pause to reflect and remember the events of 9/11 tomorrow. ceremonies will mark the tragedies at the pentagon, in new york city and in shanksville, pennsylvania. darcy spencer is at the pentagon memorial tonight with more tonight. darcy? >> reporter: most of the people we spoke to at the pentagon memory ideal this evening say they can't believe that nine years have passed since the september 11th attacks. some people brought their children so that they, too, will never forget. on the eve of the ninth
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anniversary of the september 11th attacks, many have been braun to visit the pentagon memorial. district resident liz mora came here for the first time tonight with her children. >> they need to know and learn from what happened and just to see the names on the benches, it's pretty powerful. so that's why we're here tonight as a family to honor and respect them. >> reporter: the memorial has 184 illuminated benches, each with the name of a victim who died when the hijacked plane slammed into the pentagon. rosemary dillard's husband, eddie, was one of them. >> i know it's supposed to get easier, that you're supposed to find closure. and i have never found closure. >> reporter: jessica mauro and matthew callahan are visiting from connecticut. they say the 9/11 memorial is very moving and a reminder to never forget that day. >> it's really amazing just to see how many people actually lost their lives for what.
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i don't know. >> every year it gets more a heated topic. you see about the mosque in new york and the koran burning in florida, and it seems every year it gets worse. >> reporter: the memorial is meant to be a peaceful place to reflect, to remember the sacrifice made when terrorism hit right here at home. retired air force lieutenant colonel chris andersen who served in iraq came here to pay her respects. >> a very fitting tribute to the sacrifices that were made on 9/11 both civilian and military, whether it was the victims in the plane or the victims that were in the pentagon. i think it's a very solemn and beautiful memorial. >> reporter: the president will be at the pentagon memorial tomorrow morning for a private remembrance. it's only open to the family members of the victims of the attack. we're told there will be a wreath-laying ceremony as well as a moment of silence. live from arlington, darcy
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spencer, news 4. >> thank you, darcy. vice president biden will attend a memorial service at a park near ground zero. the ceremony will pause four times, twice to mark the times each plane hit the towers and twice to observe the times the towers fell. houses of worship in the city have been asked to toll their bells at 8:46 a.m. when the first plane struck the north tower. first lady michelle obama and former first lady laura bush will attend services in shanksville, pennsylvania. that's where united flight 93 crashed into a field when passengers overtook the hijackers. the ceremony will begin at 9:30 in the morning. news 4 has learned that an investigation is under way to determine how a woman charged with running over two people in adams morgan got so drunk so early in the night. police say her blood-alcohol level was twice the legal limit when she crashed before 9:00 on wednesday. jackie bensen is in adams morgan now with more on this.
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jackie? >> reporter: jim, were the drinks flowing too freely? it's one of the things that police are looking into. the horrific crash happened at 8:30 wednesday night. a white dodge caliber became wedged into a restaurant storefront after jumping a traffic island and striking two pedestrians. in the aftermath, investigators ordered two separate blood-alcohol tests for the driver. according to court documents, the tests show 23-year-old adams of mitchellville had results ofxd .18 and .17 respectively, double the legal limit in the district. police believe she had been at a club called district just up the street. a web flyer and a recent washington post review noted offers free drinks during a wednesday happy hour from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. d.c. police chief cakathy lanie. >> i know that they are 12 hours or so into that, you know,
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pretty detailed investigation. but i think there will be more information forthcoming. >> reporter: 26-year-old julia bachlightner, student at the johns hopkins school of advanced international studies remains in critical condition. melissa, a friend, also 26 and a hopkins graduate student suffered less serious injuries and could be released from the hospital soon. >> i was at the hospital yesterday. and family members coming in for the young women who were injured in this, it's just a horrible incident. and when you talk about alcohol and the havoc that alcohol especially drinking and driving can create, no better example. >> reporter: a call requesting comments from district was not returned. jim, back to you. >> jackie bensen, thank you. police are increasing their presence around the university of maryland this weekend after a number of recent attacks in the campus area. there have been at least five robberies in the past three weeks. three students were beaten and
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robbed last weekend. robberies were also reported on monday night. the university's police chief says he may form a special task force to focus on the problem. coming up tonight, an investigation into that pipeline explosion that destroyed a neighborhood in california. iran reverses its decision to free an american hiker this weekend. there's criticism of a national police force, a politician was head butted during a speech. doug? >> we're going to see a great day tomorrow, but then on sunday, things go downhill just a little bit. but hopefully we'll rebound just in time for the redskins game. dan? and good news for the redskins, by the way. the cowboys missing two starters. we'll tell you about that. and we have one of the best high school football games you will ever see. damascus squaring off. and it was a battle for bragging rights on the college gridiron. west virginia and marshall, another fantastic finish. new
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until we make this right. the american woman who's been held in jail in iran will not be released this weekend as originally announced. her name is sara shord. she and two friends are being held in jail on charges of illegal border crossing. the iranians say they were spies. the families say they were just out hiking near the rd. he government of iran says it planned to release shord tomorrow as an act of clemency, but this afternoon, that decision was reversed. an official in iran promised to explain why it was reversed. at a later date. president obama says the nation has begun to reverse a wave of job losses that began when he first entered office. but a new poll shows the majority of americans disapprove of the president's economic leadership. during a news conference today, mr. obama acknowledged americans
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are frustrated with the slow growth in the economy. and with democrats in charge in washington during his 19 months in office, the president knows that voters may ask his party what have you done for us? >> for all the progress we've made, we're not there yet. and that means the people are frustrated. and that means people are angry. >> the president says his policies are beginning to bear fruit. the question is whether voters will be patient enough to give democrats in congress more time. housing prices are rebounding very nicely in the d.c. area. prices shot up 9.3% in the last quarter. that's according to the real estate company clear capital. the median price of a home in the washington area is now more than $300,000. the average u.s. home was up 5.7%. cleveland saw the biggest jump in prices, but the average price there is only about $100,000. still to come on news 4, the national transportation safety board takes over the
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investigation into a pipeline explosion and gives its first update tonight. doug will be along in a few minutes with the weather forecast. later on we'll get you ready for the redskins opener with a look at the new finding what you love makes you happy...
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get 15% off all kenmore appliances and an extra 5% with your sears card. plus save up to an additional $250 instantly with our appliance trade in program. sears. the flames shot 60 feet in the air more than 30 houses were torched. four people were killed. tonight some houses in san bruno, california, are still too hot to search. the cause of it all, a pipeline explosion. now the national transportation safety board has taken over this investigation which is customary in such accidents. leeann greg has our report. >> reporter: this is what's left of a neighborhood in san bruno,
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california, not far from the san francisco international airport. 167 homes destroyed or damaged. 15 acres charred. four people confirmed dead. hell on earth. that's how some describe the blast that shot flames hundreds of feet into the air. >> we thought a jet had gone down. >> fueled by a ruptured gas line, an explosion so violent it shook the earth. >> i thought we were having an earthquake, and nothing happened. so i looked out my kitchen window and saw these huge explosions. >> reporter: as the inferno jumped from house to house, firefighters faced hydrants with no water and exploding gas lines. >> we really couldn't be successful putting out the fire witho without. >> reporter: flames dropped retardant. and by dawn the fire was mostly kloehned. in addition to those killed, more than 50 others were injured. some critically. and now the question, what happened? the local gas company, pacific gas and electric, says a 30-inch
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gas line, one that's 40 to 50 years old, likely ruptured. >> we are constantly working every day to make sure we're maintaining the integrity of that system. >> reporter: as the investigation intensifies, people stunned in this community rocked by the disaster hope for answers. leeann greg, nbc news, san bruno, california. there's a man out in ohio who was shot with three arrows. he's recovering tonight. he's 57 years old. name is samuel stacy. he told the cops he was attacked by a friend who shot him at close range. two of the arrows hit him in his back. the third one hit his hand. one arrow tip came within millimeters of his spinal cord. doctors say that would have paralyzed him if it had hit the cord. stacy is expected to make a full recovery. the man who attacked him who used to be his friend was arrested.
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kurdish supporters in turkey are upset that police didn't do more to prevent this attack today. a pro-kurdish politician was head butted by a protester who rushed the stage during a speech. it led to a larger scuffle among the crowd. some threw rocks at police and accused them of not protecting him. officers rescued him and took him to a hospital. he's going to be just fine. well, that will get your attention. >> i'm next. >> you're next? are we going to want to head bu butt you over the weekend weather forecast? >> i sure hope not. people doing head butting will have helmets on. redskins and cowboys sunday night. let's show you what we're dealing with out there tonight. it is a nice night tonight. really a nice night to get out and about. you see the washington monument looking gorgeous on this friday evening. nice night to get out and about. on your saturday, looking good, too. how about the temperature today. we reached a high temperature of 78 degrees during the afternoon today. a little bit below average.
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low this morning was 61. so it was a cool start. and we saw mostly cloudy skies throughout much of the afternoon today. as we saw those clouds make their way in from the northwest. those clouds are now starting to clear out. we're looking at mostly clear skies around the region. humidity at 51%. winds right now at eight miles per hour. temperaturewise around the region, 57 right now in frederick. 64 in sterling. 55 one of the cool spots there in manassas. leonardtown at 60. we are going to continue to cool down. some areas in the low 50s. by the time you walk up to around 60 in the zribldistrict. right now, the clouds came through earlier. it's the clouds to the west we'll be watching. these clouds do have a couple showers with them. but notice not a whole lot of rain. we are going to be watching as an area of low pressure starts to move our way. nice weather in here for tomorrow. we are going to be watching, though, that area of low pressure move towards us during the day sunday. i think a good chance of rain on sunday. it's not going to be a lot of rain but it may stick around late enough in the day that it
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may put a damper on some of those plans for tailgating late in the afternoon on sunday. but i do not think it's going to affect the game for the most part. a possibility of a light shower. that's going to be it. down at fedex field right around the 8:15, 8:20 hour. that's when the game will kick off. but once again, i think the game should go off without a hitch. it's actually going to be pretty nice weather over the next couple of days. something else to watch, tropical storm igor now making its way towards the west. it is actually strengthening up to 50. expected to become a category 3 storm. i think this is one we're going to have to watch fairly closely as it may make its way up towards the east coast. maybe like earl, just offshore, but again, we'll continue to keep our eye on it. at least seven to ten days to do so. tomorrow morning, mostly clear. 49 in some of the coldest suburbs. 59 in the city. and then as we move into the day tomorrow, a beautiful day. mostly sunny. a great day. get out and enjoy it if you can. 78 to 80 degrees.
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you know, this time of year, we don't have too many great nice and warm weekends left. so get out there and hurry up and do so. 75 on sunday with that chance of rain mostly early. 82 on monday. 80 on tuesday. drying out. most of next week dry. until friday, another chance of rain maybe thunderstorms with thunderstorms back into the middle 80s. >> a little bit of everything there. >> just about. no snow, though. not yet. not everything. >> tailgaters only care about rain when they start. after about an hour or so. >> nothing bothers them. >> you speak from experience, huh? >> friends tell me. >> okay. still ahead tonight, nasa announces plans to launch a rocket from virginia next week. we've got highlights of two really good football games. one high school, another one college.
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so the cowboys are not at full strength, huh? at least on the line? >> no, and i don't think any redskins fans are feeling that bad about it. >> no. >> cowboys without two of their starting offensive linemen sunday night. redskins three-point underdogs now, but playing the cowboys without a couple starters on the o-line certainly levels the playing field a bit. dallas quarterback tony romo believes the backups will be just fine. >> this is the ultimate team game. and i think you have to have people able to step up and be in position to help you. and we have a lot of confidence in the guys that are stepping up. and i think that, you know, they're good players as well. so we're lucky enough to have some depth at that position. >> that's tony romo.
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we're talking the coal bowl. it's marshall and west virginia. the mountaineers have shut marshall down over the years in the nine meetings the thundering herd have never beaten their big brothers from morgantown. tonight it looked like it was going to happen. marshall fans feeling that first victory ever over the mountaineers was coming. second quarter, brian anderson dropping back and going deep to aaron dobson. and i'm pretty sure this qualifies as a big play. 96-yard touchdown. huntington was going bananas. marshall up 21-6 with eight minutes to go in the game. then somebody flipped the script. west virginia coming back, down by eight, knocking on the door again with 20 seconds left in the game. quarterback gino smith to will johnson. is he in, guys, or is he out? one foot in. >> i think he got two. >> and two feet in. you only need one. what a catch that was.
11:25 pm
west virginia is down by two with 12 seconds to go. mountaineers trying to complete one of the greatest comebacks ever in this rivalry. smith to josh sanders, another back of the end zone catch. we're headed to overtime. all tied up. in o.t. west virginia hits a field goal for its first of the game. now marshall kicker tyler warner with a chance to tie from 39 yards out. is it good? it looked like it was good. but it wasn't. he misses the field goal attempt. he can't believe it. he thought that thing was good. so west virginia comes back from 21-6 down with 8 minutes to go to win in overtime. 24-21. if you thought that was good, this might be better. exact words from our high school football expert covering the damascus game tonight. i've been to probably 300 high school football games in the last ten years. he might have been exaggerating but he wasn't when he said this. this was the best game i've ever seen. >> below! >> let's get it on. >> come on.
11:26 pm
>> second quarter, damascus out of their own end zone. connor frazier to joel ross. he catches the ball on the goal line. and number 8 is gone! 99 yards for the touchdown. damascus jumped out to a 14-0 lead. keep in mind they have been beaten the last five times by orchard. ensuing possession. drew murphy up to harry long. and harry doing some housework, stretches in for the touchdown. cougars cut the lead to 14-6. fourth quarter, damascus down by three. frazier kicks it himself. wiggles his way into the end zone from 21 yards out. former hornets up 27-23. last chance. broken up in the end zone. oh, man, that receiver thought he had it. but damascus hangs on to win it, 27-23. that snaps a five-game losing streak again, orchard. nats and marlins for the first time since that ugly brawl. nyjer morgan ignited the brawl.
11:27 pm
still awaiting the word on his suspension. facing dan uggla. lines one into left center field. in comes bonifacio. marlins go on top, 1-0. top six now. delivering to wes helms. helms to center field. here's nyjer morgan making a nice shoestring grab. he could be suspended for up to 15 games when he finds out what happens here. nationals lose to the marlins, 3-1. >> final 15 games. he gets 8 for the one and one for the suspension. next, a big weekend plan for you could switch for great gas mileage or seats that flip and fold with one hand. you could switch for up to 600 highway miles on a single tank of gas. or the hundred-thousand mile powertrain warranty. over a thousand people a day are switching to chevy.
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hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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hundreds of d.c. jail inmates had their say in who should be the mayor. they got to vote by a program for returning citizens. the group says about 1500 inmates were eligible to cast ballots. d.c. law allows offenders to vote if they're jailed for misdemeanors. this will be the inaugural weekend for an attraction in the district. it's called the yards park. and it's now open along the river south and east of nationals park. it's a 5 1/2-acre park that cost about $42 million to build. it includes a dog run, a waterfall and a boardwalk. opening celebration activities will include live music, food and trapeze performances. fans headed to the redskins opener on sunday may get there a little more quickly. this season the redskins will provide traffic alerts via text message, giving fans access to
11:31 pm
regular updates on the best routes game day. fans will also get a chance to see the locker of sean taylor, the safety shot and killed in 2007. and during the game you can look to a new 100 foot long hd video screen to keep up with the action. >
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nasa is planning to launch a new rocket next week from virginia.
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that launch is set to take place wednesday at nasa's wallops island facility. scientists will be testing the rocket's new technologies including what they call the autonomous flight safety system. it's supposed to issue a destruct signal if the rocket goes off course. we look forward to that. why is there still time? >> it's friday night. >> "tonight show" is next. >> good night. [ woman sighs ] featuring


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